Measures Against COVID-19


This summer is different due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This does not mean that the sea will not be attractive or that the sun will not be bright. We want to ensure you, that at ILIS VILLAS you will have all your comforts as always, and we shall have your health as our priority.

The layout of the residencies in the property is from the start ideal for avoiding direct contact among guests, because the three villas are completely autonomous inbetween them. Based on the health of all guests and following faithfully the instructions of E0DY, the following actions were taken:

  • We and all our staff are vaxinated.
  • A Reference Doctor for the property has been appointed
  • A Coordinator to face a Covid-19 case has been appointed.
  • Training of the Coordinator with respect to Covid-19 took place.
  • There will be antiseptic in every villa.
  • Medical kit is available in case of emergency.
  • A minimum stay of three days per villa has been set, so as to avoid frequent new arrivals.
  • Before the new guest arrives, the villa remains rental free for one day, so that there is plenty of time for good ventilation, meticulous cleaning and complete disinfection.
  • The villa will be cleaned and linen will be changed after three nights stay in order to minimize visiting the villa by others than the guests.
  • The products you need to prepare your breakfast will be standard.


Each resident of the accommodation has the obligation to:

  • Record his full permanent residency details.
  • Inform the Covid-19 Coordinator if he has any worrying symptoms.
  • To wash his hands thoroughly and keep a distance of 1.5m from others.


We have taken all above measures so that our guests feel safe and the pandemic does not affect their carefree vacations which each one of us is looking for this summer.