Discover Ancient Olympia and Kyllni


Ancient Olympia lies 60km from Ilis Villas. It is one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece, with the ancient Stadium where the ancient Olympic Games took place. In the same area are the ruins of the Sanctuary of Zeus and other temples and buildings associated with the celebration of the Olympic Games. In the local museum is the famous statue of Hermes of Praxiteles.

Ancient Ilida lies 30km from Ilis Villas. It was the capital of the ancient Ilis state and the host city of the Olympic Games. It is directly related to Heracles, who carried out here one of his Labours, the cleaning of the manure of King Augea’s stables. The ancient theater and the ruins of other public buildings are preserved. There is a local museum.

• In the village of Kastro you can visit the Chlemoutsi Castle built in the 13th century, the most representative Medieval castle in Greece.

• With Ilis Villas as a base you can also visit the Temple of Epicurean Apollo, the waterfalls of the river Neda, the chapel of Agia Theodora Vastas with its 17 plane trees on the roof, etc.

• 7km south of Ilis Villas are the Thermal Springs of Kyllini which were famous from ancient times. The Romans chose to build their baths in the place where the sanctuary of Asclepius and Aphrodite were. Today the visitor is refreshed by their healing waters, mud and their fumes.

• On the same way to Thermal Springs of Kyllini and after them is Arkoudi village with restaurants, taverns, and cafes many of which are located on the beach.

• 7km north of Kastro village is the town and port of Kyllini, which is connected by ferries to the Ionian islands Zakynthos and Kefalonia. Its taverns are the most suitable place for fresh fish.


Mini Market – approx. 800m
Canteens on beaches with fish and meat
Taverns, one on the beach, approx. 700m and another one approx. 1000m

At the village – 5 km
Super market, Bakery, Restaurants, Coffee shops, Kiosks and Gas Station – Vulkanizer.

Banks can be found in Kyllini, Lehena & Bartholomiu